Beeing without panties is much more comfortable

When I do my trips by car in France I often wear no panties.

Beeing with naked pussy makes me feel much more comfortable. Follow me during my trips and be my copilote. Read More …

Halloween photos in France

I spend my Halloween in France. No party, no celebration.

I enjoyed the wind and the sea in France and took some very interesting fotos…. Read More …

One week in Crete is over now

I spent a nice week in the Greek island. I could not imagine before, that nudity is possible at all beaches.

The nudist-hotel “Vritomartis” was really wonderfull. I took lots of photos and videos. You can find them here… Read More …

Another week in Greece

I will start tomorrow for a short trip to Greece.

I will spend ond week in Crete. The weather conditions are good so I only need a very small suitcase. No underwear, no bras and no panties. I booked a nudist-hotel in crete and I hope for a wonderful time. My pussy needs some more sun. Of course I will inform You by twitter of my adventures….. Read More …

Finishing my pool-session

naked pool-session

It is end of season, have to finish my pool-session.

The weather turns to harvest now and the night are cold now. So my water in my pool is not warm enogh to enjoy it. I have to finish my season now. Read More …

Naked hiking and climbing in France

Every year I go on holidays to the South of France A naked climbing- and hiking tour belongs to the obligatory program

In the Corbieres, there are many gorges that invite you to a hiking and climbing tour. When I get out of the car park, I take off all clothes, I put my things in the backpack and I walk for hours through the warm landscape. Read More …

Completly without clothes

without any clothes

It is normal to be naked in a nudist-resort. But at the moment I spend a compeltly cloth free summer.

Also when I leave the resort for my cruises, I donĀ“t like to put cloths on. I try to live a cloth-free summer.

I am in France again

naked cruise

At the moment I spent another time in France.

It is so wonderfull rrelaxing : tanning my pussy at the beaches, doing completly naked cruises to discover nice locations, enjoying the food…

I will bring with me at home lots of new nudist-videos and galleries.

Much fun at the building-site

I helped this guy at the building-site. I wear this dungarees, but my boobs did not fit in. To see the whole story, watch the video !

Shoe-Shopping but no panties

shopping without panties

I was again in the nearby city of Venlo for shopping last week.

I like to flash my naked body, it is a very exciting feeling

The city was very busy because of the summer holidays. When I left at home, it was still 18 degrees, later in Venlo the sun came out and the termometer glittered to 25 degrees. For this I was wrongly dressed. Well, I was completely naked under my dress. So I could lift it up to let fresh air under my dress. When I bought shoes I presented my naked butt to everybody. Read More …

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