Another week in Greece

I will start tomorrow for a short trip to Greece.

I will spend ond week in Crete. The weather conditions are good so I only need a very small suitcase. No underwear, no bras and no panties. I booked a nudist-hotel in crete and I hope for a wonderful time. My pussy needs some more sun. Of course I will inform You by twitter of my adventures….. Read More …

Finishing my pool-session

naked pool-session

It is end of season, have to finish my pool-session.

The weather turns to harvest now and the night are cold now. So my water in my pool is not warm enogh to enjoy it. I have to finish my season now. Read More …

Naked hiking and climbing in France

Every year I go on holidays to the South of France A naked climbing- and hiking tour belongs to the obligatory program

In the Corbieres, there are many gorges that invite you to a hiking and climbing tour. When I get out of the car park, I take off all clothes, I put my things in the backpack and I walk for hours through the warm landscape. Read More …

Completly without clothes

without any clothes

It is normal to be naked in a nudist-resort. But at the moment I spend a compeltly cloth free summer.

Also when I leave the resort for my cruises, I don´t like to put cloths on. I try to live a cloth-free summer.

I am in France again

naked cruise

At the moment I spent another time in France.

It is so wonderfull rrelaxing : tanning my pussy at the beaches, doing completly naked cruises to discover nice locations, enjoying the food…

I will bring with me at home lots of new nudist-videos and galleries.

Much fun at the building-site

I helped this guy at the building-site. I wear this dungarees, but my boobs did not fit in. To see the whole story, watch the video !

Shoe-Shopping but no panties

shopping without panties

I was again in the nearby city of Venlo for shopping last week.

I like to flash my naked body, it is a very exciting feeling

The city was very busy because of the summer holidays. When I left at home, it was still 18 degrees, later in Venlo the sun came out and the termometer glittered to 25 degrees. For this I was wrongly dressed. Well, I was completely naked under my dress. So I could lift it up to let fresh air under my dress. When I bought shoes I presented my naked butt to everybody. Read More …

Naked diving lesson in the pool

naked snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great thing.

It appeals to me to look at the great underwater world. In the pool on Mauritius I have practiced only once before I dare in the open sea.

Snorkel and diving goggles must be sitting properly. Of course, I’m only naked exchanged ….
I just uploaded a video of my diving experiments … please do not laugh.

Cap d´Agde adventure 2017

cap d´agde

Each time I visit Cap d´Agde it is a new great adventure for me.

Prices rise from year to year but the thought to make new sexual experiences in a very different way is attractive for me.

So I will do it again and again. It starts when I put off all my clothes and do them into the back of my car and it ends when I return to the car and dress myself again.
In the meantime everything is possible, nothing is forbidden, only one thing is clear : I am always nude ! Read More …

I like to shoot porn movies

I like to shoot porn movies.

But it is not always as easy as it looks. Sometimes you have to have sex several hours in front of the camera, so that afterwards a 20 minute film is created.

One has absolutely no inhibitions. The various positions often require a lot of physical conditioning. To shoot a porn is more strenuous than going to the gym. Read More …

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